The “Naked and Afraid” Drinking Game

So I’m catching up on unseen episodes of “Naked & Afraid” via this afternoon’s marathon, and I’m starting to think there needs to be some sort of drinking game associated with this show.

So, take a drink every time:

  1. They show stock footage of an animal not from the location in which the episode is taking place (e.g. spitting cobras in Costa Rica).
  2. Someone says, “I just want to go home.”
  3. Someone vomits or gets diarrhea from not cooking their turtle/snake/snails/whatever well enough over the fire, or from drinking unsafe water.
  4. Someone uses the phrase “extraction point” (including the narrator).
  5. Someone falls down.
  6. Someone uses the phrase “military training.”

Any others?

Photos by Chasing Linnaeus

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a store a friend of mine just opened in Seattle, called Aquarium Zen.  Today’s grand opening has been a couple years in the making, and I was privileged to be asked to come in before the crowds to capture the energy of the place.  The boutique is less a fish shop than it is an experience.  In his words:

My goal when designing the space was to create a sort of alternate universe where the contrast between the chaos of urban street life would juxtapose with the tranquility of the aquatic life held within.  The idea was to create a natural sanctuary that is artificial but still resonates with the healing vibes you might associate with a walk in the forest or sitting by a stream.  The space itself is nearly a hundred years old and is loaded with character – exposed brick walls, skylights, old growth Douglas fir exposed beams and hardwood floors.  Not your typical pet shop.  

We cater to a style of aquarium keeping that originated in Japan called the “Nature Aquarium,” which tries to elevate the aquarium to an art form.

I wanted to create a space that celebrated nature and love for aquariums and to create an experience for our community.  In my mind, it’s a living art installation disguised as a pet shop.  The aquarium can be a lens into normally unseen realms of nature that are magical.  When executed with an artistic intention, the aquarium can create a transformative experience for the viewer, a timeless space and moment that is not soon forgotten.